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Affiliate Marketing

  • Affiliate Whisper Software (MRR)
  • Affiliate Marketing Masterplan (MRR)
  • Affiliate Mastery (PLR)
  • Affiliate Marketing Blueprint (PLR)
  • Affiliate Marketing Beginner Basics (PLR)
  • Buyers List Arbitrage (PLR)
  • Easy Affiliate Marketing (RR)
  • Finding The Best Affiliate Products To Promote (RR)
  • Lucrative Affiliate Marketing (MRR)


  • 5 OTO Templates (PLR)
  • Create Funny and Useful Animated GIF Files (MRR)
  • Marketing Minisite Template (MRR)
  • My Salesletter Graphics (MRR)
  • Picture Ads (MRR)
  • Silhouette Collection (MRR)
  • Software Box Creator (PLR)


  • Internet Marketing Kickstart (MRR)
  • Marketing Simplified (14 PLR Reports)
  • Quick Cash Guru (PLR)
  • Sales Funnel Strategies (MRR)
  • Warrior Forum Master (PLR)

List Building

  • Boomerang List Pro Software (MRR)
  • Coupon List Builder (MRR)
  • Lead Generation Mastery (MRR)
  • List Authority (MRR)
  • List Authority Gold (MRR)
  • Timeless List Building (MRR)


  • DL Shield (MRR)
  • Easy Upsell Pro (MRR)
  • Easy Squeeze Page Tester (MRR)
  • Fancy Coupon Buttons (MRR)
  • Headline Maximizer (MRR)
  • Instant Banner Pro (MRR)
  • Money Blog Pro (MRR)
  • Web profit Doubler (MRR)

Social Marketing

  • 200 Social Media tactics (MRR)
  • Getting Facebook Traffic (PLR)
  • Facebook Fan Page Profits (MRR)
  • Mastering CPA Facebook (PLR)
  • Social Media Massacre – Boosting (PLR)
  • Social Media Massacre – Branding (PLR)
  • Social Media Massacre – Trending (PLR)
  • Social Medcia Authority (MRR)
  • TeeBlaster Software (MRR)


  • Fast Traffic Secrets eBook (PLR)
  • Fast Traffic Secrets Video Course (PLR)
  • Free Traffic Mastery (PLR)
  • Instant Traffic Strategies (PLR)
  • Rule Reddit (MRR)
  • TRaffic inferno (PLR)
  • Traffic Meltdown (PLR)

Video Marketing

  • Master Slideshare (PLR)
  • Master YouTube Editor (PLR)
  • YouTube Video Mastery (PLR)


  • A Beginners Guide To WordPress (PLR)
  • WP HeadlinePro (MRR)
  • WP Shield (MRR)
  • WP AD Creator (MRR)
  • WP iAsk Plugin (MRR)
  • WP News Pro Plugin (MRR)
  • WP Support Agent (MRR)
  • WP TestimonyPro (MRR)
  • WP Video Page Creator (MRR)


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